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Find out if you live in a sinkhole zone! This Rockville Centre woman actually does!

Written by on Monday, 24 February 2014 12:23 pm

title insurance new yorkFrom the Hallmark Abstract Service website here.

On February 5th Hallmark Abstract Service wrote an article that asked whether homeowners or businesses knew if they were in any sinkhole danger!

Ironically the first paragraph of the article which said, ‘While the odds of anyone in New York City or Long Island living in an area that’s prone to sinkholes is minor, what about around the rest of the country?‘ was quickly proven to be inaccurate.

In that article we had provided a link to a website that can tell if there had been any sinkholes reported in your vicinity before.

Now, over the weekend and only a couple of weeks later, a woman sitting in a car located on her driveway in Rockville Centre, Long Island was swallowed by a hole estimated to be 10-15 feet deep.

And while it is likely that Gayle Sorrentino’s address would have come up negative had she looked on Saturday, it is probably worth it for homeowners and businesses to check anyway.

Check your address here.


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